About Us

Everyone’s financial needs are different.

That’s the foundation of everything we do at Berkshire Financial Planning.

Here’s our secret. Financial Planning is not about which pension plan is the best, or when is it the right time to go into or out of the stock market. And it certainly isn’t about what you find in the Sunday papers. Real, effective financial planning is about helping people get answers to those key questions:

• Am I going to be OK?
• Are WE going to be OK?
• Can we put our children through further education?
• Can we walk away from work at the time of our choosing?

We believe that financial planning is about more than just numbers. It’s about understanding what is important to you, and working out how to protect and nurture that in the years to come. Our unique approach means that your goals and priorities are always at the heart of your strategy, and we are on hand to help you achieve them. We develop ongoing relationships with our clients, based on face-to-face meetings, tailored advice and a personal investment in your success. We don’t believe in being the silent, unseen partner. At Berkshire Financial Planning, we want to actively help you carve out a path to your own future, whatever that may look like.


With Berkshire Financial Planners, you have years of financial planning experience at your fingertips, along with the sensitivity and guidance you need to help you secure your future, turn your dreams into goals, and then work towards making those goals a reality. We can help you understand how to make your money work for you, and not the other way around.

We provide a dedicated, personal, face to face service to all of our clients, focussed on building and maintaining long term relationships that continue to evolve with their changing needs. These relationships are essential to providing a truly excellent service which aims for excellent results, or save you the most with effective planning. By choosing us as your financial planners, you’re choosing someone who will have your best interests at heart from day 1 and will always be guiding you down the best path.

To take the first step down the road to financial happiness, just get in touch and arrange your no-obligation consultation.

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